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You pay for high-speed internet,

so make the most of it!

One router just doesn’t work

You pay for high-speed internet, but you don’t get it in every room. If you have Wi-Fi in your home, you will have a router somewhere in the house. But this poor little router is expected to blast internet signal through many walls to eventually get to your device.

You need a system

With Open Mesh, you simply plug one device into your modem, and plug the other device into power in another room. Login to the app, and connect them together, and you’re good to go!

Simple control

Manage screen time

Limit the kids wifi times whilst keeping your full access! Cloudtrax allows you to create multiple networks, and turn the on and off whenever you like. You can even set them automatically!

Specific monitoring

Monitor every detail of the network including download information, device information, plus integrate with your favourite Parental Control software

What size will suit me?


Small home or apartment.


Medium home.


Large home.

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