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Simply Smarter WiFi for Food & Beverage Establishments

Cloud-Managed | High-Performance | Scalable | Reliable

“It was scalable, I could manage it in the cloud, and it was priced extremely well. We have had zero callbacks on any Open Mesh related products.”

Mark Thayer | MyQtrMile IT Partner for Wendy’s

Save time with multiple locations managed from a single cloud interface

Attract and bring back customers with reliable, trouble-free connections

Set up fast because it’s quick to install

Create a secure solution that has been proven effective for WiFi needs of bars & restaurants


Deploy easily in any type of building, with indoor and outdoor solutions, and mesh technology that limits the cabling needed to provide reliable WiFi that reaches every corner or your location

Reliable WiFi that reaches every corner or your location

Tailor the customer WiFi experience for your brand through a robust captive portal

Easily scale from one location to thousands and manage it all in one central login

WiFi Vouchers to control or monetize WiFi access

Presence API or 3rd party integrations to power unique insights into customer base and powerful, targeted marketing

Configure your network with bandwidth limits for each device and block individual abusers easily with security and isolation settings

Offer premium reliability with scheduled maintenance, safe over-the-air upgrades, hardware watchdog chip, out-of-band management, redundant hosting, and automatic failover

Connect with powerful third-party marketing platforms to gain valuable customer data and keep guests coming back

Integrate with Facebook WiFi to have guests check-in to your Facebook page to access WiFi



Simply smart WiFi that gives you the flexibility to grow while maintaining strict security and steady reliability.


Deploy, manage, and monitor from anywhere and get frequent over-the-air product updates that keep you protected.

Cloud Management

Intuitive management with free access to detailed views of networks, switches and APs all in one place, automatic alerts, bandwidth limits, and more.

Developer Platform

Get powerful API integrations and a robust captive portal to easily leverage the flexible Open Mesh platform to make the most of your network.

Smarter, simpler WiFi for Food & Beverage Establishments

When your bar or restaurant is getting ready to set up a WiFi network, pick one that is easy and powers the tools your employees need while providing added value for customers as they dine.

Open Mesh makes it easy to deploy networks that are:

  • Flexible
  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • A breeze to manage

With Open Mesh, deploy an intuitive and reliable WiFi network that just works. For patrons connecting to WiFi, it’s as easy as choosing your network, accepting your terms on a splash page customized to your brand, and they’re up and running. You can even leverage your public WiFi as a powerful marketing tool to keep customers coming back.

Learn how to plan your restaurant network in this free guide.

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