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Custom brand the Open Mesh solution
to make it your own.

Open Mesh is ideal for systems integrators, service providers and IT consultants because we make it easy to add your brand to our switches, access points, and even our cloud controller, CloudTrax. With no competing messages, your company is the star of the show.


To create a seamless experience for your customers from hardware to network management, completely custom brand CloudTrax as your own cloud solution with your logo, colors, URL and more. Customers logging in to manage their network will see your brand reinforced rather than branding from an unknown third party.

Additional fee applies for custom branding CloudTrax.


Open Mesh switches include a small Open Mesh logo on the front left corner in addition to the identifying product label on the bottom (which we’re required to include). You can leave the Open Mesh logo or can cover it with a sticker branded to your company. Dome stickers from vendors like Dometag create a quality and professional result that keeps your brand top of mind.


Access Points

Open Mesh access points don’t have any Open Mesh branding except the small identifying product label on the bottom (which we’re required to include). Most commonly, IT service providers add a sticker with their logo to reinforce their branding. Stickers could include a customer support email or phone number, so clients have a quick reference for who to reach out to if needed.


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